Tradesman Tough Suspension

3 Leaf Ford F250 / F350 Parabolic Springs

Owners of the F250 and F350 trucks are the winners this time as BlueMax has developed a 3 leaf parabolic spring that offers the perfect balance of ride and load carrying ability. You can go from a 2 leaf spring parabolic to a 3 leaf parabolic spring without sacrificing ride and still getting a good 50mm lift in the front. That even handles our terrain whilst carrying a load, plus winch, plus bull bar.
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Suspension For Heavy Work

2 Inch Suspension Lift Kit

BlueMax suspension products are suited for drivers of vehicles that carry heavy loads and want to maintain ride comfort when travelling on weekend or family outings. Whether it’s to reinforce leaf springs or upgraded other components like shocks, torsion bars, ubolts or airbags, the team at Suspension Supplies Australia have the skills and knowledge to give you the right advice.

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Expert Advice – Not Just a Price

20% Off Bluemax Products

Make an enquiry online OR call 1800 630 411 today to Claim 20% OFF! Plus… with any order of $500 or more of BlueMax Products you will receive an ADDITIONAL $50 OFF… Because Suspension Supplies Australia have over 40 years experience in the trade,  you’ll have all the answers you need to make an informed decision in less than one business day, and at the right price.

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Need suspension product that’s strong and reliable?
Here you have it!

BLUEMAX suspension products have been developed over many years for Australian conditions and designed to keep your vehicle working effectively and safely whilst improving your ride.

Why choose us?

  • Suspension for 4wd, 2wd, light commercial vehicles
  • Suspension for trucks and semis to carry your load
  • Leaf springs for 2wd commercial vehicles and 4wds
  • Custom manufacturer – for hard to get items
  • Fully stocked warehouse – suspension parts ready to go
  • Tradesman touch suspension with high quality product

Solutions to known problems in these featured videos!

BLUEMAX are experts in 4WD and truck suspension and can make sure your vehicle is set up perfectly for the conditions you operate in. There are product distribution centres on both the East and West coasts of Australia with a same day dispatch service. Here below are just some of our FEATURED VIDEOS and solutions to known problems.

Japanese Truck Suspension

No More Bumps in these Japanese Trucks

Drivers of Japanese trucks say the problems they have with their truck suspension being too rough. The problems can also be the same in Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Hino, Toyota, UD trucks which worsens as the truck suspension ages. But there is a solution… This will improve the ride and performance of Japanese truck suspensions so check out this video and let us know if this is something that will help you.


Stronger Springs on Mazda BT50 & Ford Ranger

There are times when owners have more than one purpose for their vehicle and want the flexibility, extra comfort and the ability to carry a significant load. You can strengthen the suspension and gain all those things. If you would like a smoother ride in your BT50 or Ford Ranger and improve the suspension in your vehicle give us a call 1800 630 411.

Polyair Coil Installation

Load Levelling Solution Polyair Coil Springs

U-When fitting Polyair Red Bags for coil spring installation you can reduce the bounce and eliminate sagging whether you are towing, a boat or caravan. These are for load on / load off situations and this will assist the coils to carry the additional weight or load. If you would like advice on what is the best for your vehicle give us a call 1800 630 411.

Users Reviews:

Join the many happy customers of BlueMax Suspension Products and see why they love it so much!

“Our company’s fleet does a lot of miles carrying a lot of machinery and supplies to job sites so the truck suspension needs to be able to carry big loads but retain some ride comfort. Suspension Supplies Australia had the answers and their work was first class. Our team was so pleased with the job we sent our other work vehicles to be improved as well.” 

Paul Cross (Director) – “Rip It Up” Concrete Surface Preparation Specialists

Quality + Strength + Reliability + Value for Money

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BlueMax Warranty:

All BlueMax 4×4 Suspension Parts come with a limited
3 year / 60,000klm warranty.

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