Introducing BlueMax Suspension

BLUEMAX suspension products have been developed over many years for Australian conditions and designed to keep your vehicle working effectively and safely whilst improving your ride.

BLUEMAX distributors are supported by same day dispatch from our product distribution centres on both the East and West coasts of Australia. They are experts in 4WD suspension and can make sure your vehicle is set up perfectly for the conditions you operate in.

From the high performance BLUEMAX Foam Cell shock absorbers through to BLUEMAX full suspension kits for all leading 4wd.  BLUEMAX parts provide real value for money with equal or better performance than many other well known brands.

Featured Videos & Products

From time to time we get asked the same questions about certain makes and models. Here at Suspension Supplies Australia we have decided to video the solutions we have developed for certain makes.

We have written the step by step instructions to provide people with a more detailed and deeper understanding of our products and solutions. Each one has something that is unique to that particular model, right down to the basics of How to Measure Leaf Springs’ or ‘The Humble Ubolt’.

Let’s Go…
Here’s just some of our popular videos