3 Leaf Parabolic Spring – Guaranteed Solution for Ford F250/Ford F350!

Ford F250 & F350 Leaf Spring Solution for four wheel drive fitted with a three leaf parabolic spring on the front suspension.

Owners of the F250 and F350 trucks will be frustrated by the fact that the front two leaf factory parabolic springs are just not strong enough to handle our terrain whilst carrying a load, plus winch, plus bull bar.

BlueMax have developed a 3 leaf parabolic spring that offers the perfect balance of ride and load carrying ability. You can go from a 2 leaf spring parabolic to a 3 leaf parabolic spring without sacrificing ride and still getting a good 50mm lift in the front.

Watch this video and see how SSA came to find this suspension solution.

The end result is well balanced suspension that has removed front bump out and given us height front and rear that can handle the load stipulated. 

SSA also developed a couple of designs but as we had an F250 and an F350 in our company fleet we had plenty of time to evaluate these springs. It was determined that the ride comfort was far better in the parabolic design. We just needed to improve the strength and the camber height and after many months of trials on a number of vehicles we developed a three leaf parabolic spring to replace the two leaf version.


That’s basically 50% stronger. Cambered correctly this gave us the height and strength that many customers are looking for. The new third leaf provides additional support right out under the spring eyes at both ends.

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