How to Improve Suspension in the Isuzu NPS300 4×4 Truck!

This speedy upgrade from Suspension Supplies Australia, home of BlueMax Suspension Solutions, has built a suspension that provides traction and improved load carrying for this Isuzu NPS300 4×4 truck. 

There are also other improvements that can be made to the ride when the owner makes some changes like a custom fit-out with plenty of fittings and accessories needing more weight carrying capability.

In this video we show you what we have done for a greatly improved rake of the vehicle even with a heavy load on board and what we have done to improve the suspension for both front and rear. Here you have:

  • Greatly improved rake of the vehicle even with heavy load on board
  • Front and rear heights have improved
  • Vehicle not only looks great, we are now confident it will handle the heavy loads the customer plans to have

We can also be sure the ride will be dramatically improved especially going over any terrain you may want to explore.

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