The Lift Kit… How to Remove Sagged Suspension and Carry More Load!

Suspension Supplies Australia find when customers are looking for removal of sagged original suspension and a replacement so that they sit level, can carry a load when required and/or to give them more ground clearance to go off road and simply look better, here’s the answer.

In this video below, it shows what is involved in just one of the types of “lift kits” you can have done at Suspension Supplies Australia. It shows one of the common later model vehicles we encounter and the lift kit is fairly typical of what customers are asking for, which are:

  • to remove the sagged original suspension so that they sit level and can carry a load when required
  • to give them ground clearance to go off road or
  • to simply look better

So what you will have is improved height and clearance and a guaranteed better ride.

Important note at this point!…. We do not want to lift the vehicle any higher than is legally permitted or to a point that would compromise the vehicle’s safe operation.

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