How to Strengthen the Suspension PLUS… Carry a Load With Comfort for Mazda BT50 – Ford Ranger!

Are you having issues with the suspension on the new 4wd Mazda BT50 or Ford Ranger?

Although manufacturers have done a marvelous job of transforming the old 4wd into a level of comfort we have not experienced in your everyday 4wd, so many businesses and families are choosing the new 4wd as their first choice of vehicle because they are so versatile and can perform many tasks.

Unfortunately when the load you wish your vehicle to carry becomes significant that comfortable suspension is left lacking. You may probably notice that the rear of the vehicle is sagging under heavy loads and the springs flattens and is inverting on one end.

Watch this video and see how if this is a typical scenario is happening to your vehicle and what we do to strengthen the suspension the Mazda BT50 and Ford Ranger.